DoorGuard L-900
DoorGuard L-900 DoorGuard Burglary Alarm System Singapore, Johor, Senai, Selangor, Seremban, Malaysia Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | AST Automation Pte Ltd
Details 详述 :
- Link up to 4 keypads 支援4个密码键盘
- 9 Programmable zones 9个可编程分区
- Multiple user PINs 多个开关密码
- Duress code 求救密码
- Built-in real time clock 内置时钟
- Quick function key 快速功能键
- Key switch function 锁匙开关
- Low battery indication 后备电池监测
- AC Supply Monitoring 电源监测
- Telephony cut monitoring 电话线监测
- CMS Contact ID reporting ready 中央监视系统识别码
- 2 intelligent zones to minimise false alarm 2个智慧型分区以减少失误警报
- Remote arm/disarm via telephone set 远端电话遥控开关
- Remote control (Optional) 无线遥控开关 (配件) * RM 250.00
- Arm/disarm for 2 partitions 2个主区
- 8 Points Home Automation (optional) 家居自动化(配件) * RM 600.00
- Lightning Protection 防雷功能
- Zone sensitivity adjustable 可调节分区敏锐度
- LED memory function to show activated zone 活跃分区显示灯
- Checking on/off status of control items via phone or keypad 电话或密码键盘查询系统开关状况
- Event Triggered output control (Home Automation module installed)
- Auto Arm/disarm timer 按时自动开关

Specification 规格 :
- L900 Control Panel 主电板 x1
- Resistor 2.2K Ω 电阻 x9
- Key Pad (L900V) 密码键盘 x1
- 12V DC 7 A/H Backup Battery 后备电池 x1
- Control Panel Metal Box 主电板铁箱 x1
- Transformer 变压器 x1

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