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Details 详述 :
Digital Video Recorder(DVR) is a system which digitally records multiple video signals, generated by CCTV device. Images are recorded into Hard Disk Drive. DVR is based on personal computer architecture, therefore allowing access by PC to video archives. Videos can be searched and archived instantly by day, hour, to minute. DVR archives are also accessible through internet network or modem. So the device enables remote control and monitoring wherever there is internet access in the world. One of the greatest advantages of DVR over the standard time-lapse VCR is the surpassing quarntity of recorded video. The captured
video can be even viewed, while the unit is still recording. The days of tediously storing countless VHS tapes are over - for most DVR applications, only one hard drive is necessary.

Specification 规格 :
1) Monitoring : 120 fps
2) Storing : 120 fps
3) Camera : 16 ch
4) Audio : Support
5) 4 channel maximum


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